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PE - Music - Literacy

The Heart Pumping, Creative Approach To PE!

- Engage and inspire all learners -
- Create 4 interactive PE songs & dance/exercise routines -
- Bring music, literacy and creativity into PE! -

- Transform your school culture -

- Every child can earn their 'Group Performance Qualification' with RSL Awards -

Let's ROCK!
Are you ready for the final take?
Show us your moves!
Time to record
Awesome Side support
Who's got an idea?
Rocktopus Live Show
It's show time!

What Does A Rock The Sport Day Include?


- 4 x 1 hour long, exciting, interactive workshops with a live band -

- The creation of 4 brand new PE based songs -

- Your children engaged in the process of choreographing dance and exercise routines -

- The creation of 4 professional music videos to share at home and in school! -

(We've recently upgraded our workshops and now offer the creation of professional music videos, rather than the CD's shown

in the video above. We're also not currently running whole school assemblies although this can be arranged at the schools request.)

What Happens During A Workshop?

​Firstly, the children are taught a dance routine so they can warm up as Rocktopus rock out one of their own original songs. Tom and Andy then work with the children to explore an area of the PE curriculum, teaching new skills as required. The children then choose chords for their new song and choreograph dance moves, gymnastic sequences, balances or actions. Throughout this dynamic workshop, Rocktopus constantly draw out the childrens' literacy skills as they help them to create and edit the lyrics for their new song.


Each workshop ends with the creation of an awe inspiring music video - fully edited and personalised for your school. You'll receive a link to a private password protected page on the Rocktopus website where you'll find your music videos. Share the password with parents so that your children can watch the videos at home with friends and family.

How Can You Use Your Videos After The Workshop?


- In PE lessons as warm ups, cool downs, cardio training, balancing practice etc.

- As brain breaks in the classroom to increase physical fitness

- In assemblies as a whole school wake and shake activity

- On your website to show the world how serious you are about PE and fitness

- To show parents the amazing opportunities you're giving their children

“It’s an absolute no-brainer! It’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s all the things that are great about education rolled in to one. We’ve had them in twice now, and have booked them to come again!”   

George Samois - Head Teacher, Twerton infants, Bath

“The children had fantastic fun, learning to make music together, thinking of lyrics and learning the sociable value of music and how it linked to our school’s values. It was accessible by all children regardless of their ability or background. Brilliant!”

Miss Morton, Milford Infants

“What an awesome experience for our school community! They have left a legacy for our newly established school, with a song and dance routine which can be replicated for many years to come!


Ryan Parker - Marleigh Primary School


Cost: £900 per day + transport/accommodation cost depending on location

Sports Premium Funding can be used to fund ALL of our workshops


Maximum children per day: 280 (Discounts are available if booking multiple days for larger schools).

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