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Primary School Testimonials


“The children had fantastic fun, learning to make music together, thinking of lyrics and learning the sociable value of music and how it linked to our school’s values. It was accessible by all children regardless of their ability or background. Brilliant!”

Miss Morton, Milford Infants

“It’s an absolute no-brainer! It’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s all the things that are great about education rolled in to one. We’ve had them in twice now, and have booked them to come again!”   

George Samois - Head Teacher, Twerton infants, Bath

“The children were at the centre of the process and they absolutely loved it. We now use the songs in our assemblies and the children have real pride in them because they created them. Not only did Rocktopus help the children understand our school values in more depth, they also managed to include our whole school in the songwriting process. A brilliant experience!”


David Cook - Headteacher @ Luckington Primary School


“These guys are doing something totally unique and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re set to be the next big thing. Get them in while you still can! I can honestly say they’ve inspired every child in my school.”  


Rupert Kaye - Head Teacher, Christchurch Primary, Frome


“Rocktopus filled each child with renewed energy and enthusiasm for PE, music and songwriting. If they approach you for a free songwriting workshop I would strongly recommend taking them up on it."

Matt Stone - Head Teacher, St Martns Garden Primary, Bath


“As a school we’re really into our music, and for the kids to see a live band playing a song which they’ve helped create is an experience they’ll never forget. Do it! Get them in!  it’s a big thumbs up from me!”

'After witnessing the Rocktopus experience at the AfPE conference I knew we had to book this amazing duo for our school. We had just started to embed our new school values so the 'Rock the Values' workshops were a perfect fit. We booked two consecutive days with an hour's workshop for every year group. Incorporating a high physical activity element to every session was fantastic too. 

 Our pupils were wide-eyed with awe when Tom and Andy started playing and it did not take them long to be on their feet, choosing the musical notes, selecting the lyrics to their values rock song and coming up with the dance moves. Every session ended with a video that we get to keep and share over and over! 

 We have PE enrichment at the end of every term at Belmont and Rocktopus were our grand finale! Staff and pupils alike said this was the best PE enrichment so far (and the standard was high!)

 Tom and Andy are the most lovely pair of guys, eager to get it right for our school and just fabulous with our children. We had already booked them for the next academic year by the end of day one!

 Next stop, 'Rock the Sport' which will provide us with physical activity videos for every class to use as brain breaks whenever we choose! We can't wait.'

Jo Smith - PE Coordinator, Belmont Primary

Rocktopus! What an awesome experience for our school community! As Physical Education and Physical Activity lead, I am interested in exploring high quality ways to introduce more physical activity within the school curriculum. Rocktopus have engaged all of our students to dive deep into what our school values mean and how they enrich our personal lives and the school community.


They have left a legacy for our newly established school, with a song and dance routine which can be replicated for many years to come! The sessions were highlight engaging and I took time to speak to the band to highlight some of the success stories that the teachers saw, when certain individuals were joining in alongside their peers. Rocktopus have inspired our students and created a buzz around moving their bodies to music! At lunch time, students have been seen rocking out and replicating their sessions! I believe this could be a hook for future music lessons whilst promoting physical activity!


As Trust System Lead for our Academy or 10 Primary Schools, I will be recommending the experience to all of my Primary colleagues.

Ryan Parker - Marleigh Primary School

Special School Testimonials

"It can be really hard to find something suitable for children in special schools and once you find something that works, you want to tell everyone about it. Rocktopus were recommended to us by another special school and they were absolutely brilliant. They engaged children we never thought would get involved and provided an experience which the children couldn't get any other way. We will be recommending them to as many other special schools as we can!

- Debbie Newell, Warmley Park School.



The best musical opportunity we’ve ever had in school! The children loved the creative process participating fully. All of our sensory need children accessed and stayed for the whole thing!


- Jo Ross, KS2 lead, Two Rivers Special School


It was excellent how flexible Tom and Andy were with their workshops. They understood that in this school, you've got to be ready to change your plans in a second and that's exactly what they did! We've recommended them to a few other schools and can't wait to get them back!

- Katherine Lynn, Ravenswood Special School

special school testimonials
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