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Engaging Ice Breakers
and Team Building Energisers

Kick Off You Conference With a Creative Bang

and Unite Your Delegates & Team Members

- Collaborative songwriting lead by a live rock band -

- Action packed drum circle and music jam experience -

- Create a song all about your conference/company -

- Culminates with the making of a music video for PR use -

Collaborative Songwriting Energiser

Our songwriting conference opener or team building workshop is an exciting and innovative way to bring your team together. With the assistance of a live rock band, your team will use their physical, intellectual, and creative abilities to create a unique song that reflects your company's values and aspirations. We'll even produce a music video featuring any staff members who want to participate, which you can use on your website or social media to showcase your team's creativity and collaboration.

Drum Circle and Music Jam

Our Drum Circle and Music Jam is an exceptional way to unite your team. It goes beyond the traditional drum circle by allowing every team member to play rhythms on a drum, chime bars, and boomwhackers, as well as explore the art of body percussion. The foundation of the song is created on the spot by your team and a live rock band, and then everyone is taught the skills needed to take the song to the next level as a giant orchestra. This experience is perfect for team-building and will leave a lasting impression on all who take part.

You set the bar and included everyone ensuring that the key message of PE at the core was recorded any played everywhere! Well done and thank you!
Sue Wilkinson MBE - AFPE (8th December 2021) - Twitter

It was great fun! I can’t believe I’m going to ask this… but will the video be available anywhere soon? I’d love to show my students and music coordinator!

Ryan Forwood, Primary PE Coordinator - AFPE (6th December 2021) - Twitter

Dancing in high heels has never been a strength of mind, I’m normally bare footed when I hit the dance floor! Thoroughly enjoyed the day with Rocktopus, the engagement and conversation in doing what’s best for our young people in and through PE was refreshing! 

Kate Thornton-Bousfield, Head of PE and achievement at Youth Sports Trust – Youth Sports Workshop, MMAT (10th October 2021) - Twitter

Videos Made at Previous Conferences

Our energisers will be tailored to your bespoke needs.

From 20 minutes to 1 hour, we will fit around your

schedule. The content of the song and video is completely up to you!

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