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The unique, cross-curricular, whole-school enrichment experience that everyone’s talking about!  

- Engage and inspire all learners -
- Transform your school culture -
- Create interactive PE music videos -
Bring music, literacy and creativity  into PE!

We now create music videos instead of a CD!

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A ‘Rock The Sport’ day...

Engages your children in dynamic songwriting workshops that cover the entire PE curriculum and encourage reluctant learners to enjoy PE as never before  

Leaves your school with music videos of your children’s  songs to share at home and use in PE lessons for warm ups, cool downs, cardio training, balancing, dance lessons, brain breaks and more

All workshops have been adapted to follow all current covid-19 guidance. Maximum safety - maximum FUN!


Recent Songs written in schools

RTS AssemblyE
RTS song actions2E
RTS assembly performE
RTS song actions 3E
RTS School songwriteE
RTS recordingE
RTS Whole waveE

Musical Balance

Musical Balance (Beckington).mp3


“It’s an absolute no-brainer! It’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s all the things that are great about education rolled in to one. We’ve had them in twice now, and have booked them to come again!”   
George Samois - Head Teacher, Twerton infants, Bath

“These guys are doing something totally unique and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re set to be the next big thing. Get them in while you still can! I can honestly say they’ve inspired every child in my school.”  

Rupert Kaye - Head Teacher, Christchurch Primary, Frome 

A great balancing game which children at Beckington Primary halped us turn into a song to practise their balancing.

Join In With Cardio

Join In With Cardio.mp3

Mells Primary School came up with some great moves to create their heart pumpng cardio song.

Time To Learn Gymnastics

Time To Learn Gymnastics.mp3

It's amazing how many gymnastics shapes you can learn in an hour when you're writing a song. This class didn't know any of these at the start of the session!

We're In This Together

We're In This Together (Mells).mp3

We were so impressed by this whole school song about sporting values. This song really shows how to be a good sport and improve your school culture.


Yoga (Mells).mp3

I get goosebumps when I see a whole class of children doing a perfect 'Sun Salutation' which they knew nothing about an hour ago! The power of song!

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