School Values Rock
- Pre Visit Information -

Click here to download your blank timetable for the day.


Above you'll find your blank timetable for the day. Please fill this in, email it to us to be checked and provide a paper copy on the day.


Our Requirements

- A large space for the workshops (the same space for the duration of our visit)
- Access to a stage if you have one

- A room for us to work in during lunch break (if possible).

Group sizes

If you're just having a one day visit, you'll need to split your school into 4 groups. Groups of around 30 are preferrable, but we can work with groups of up to 80 if needs be. The larger the group, the more complex the creation of the music video becomes.

Song Themes

Sometimes schools have more values than there are workshop sessions available. In this instance you have two options: you can book another visit to ensure you get a song about each value (recommended), or you can group similar values into one session. For example, you might put resilience and independence into the same session and have one song which covers both. Whatever you choose to do, it's important that the children have discussed their particular value before the workshop to ensure they have a good understanding and plenty of ideas on the day. It can be helpful if they've discussed real life scenarios where the values come into play. Times when they might show respect, be compassionate, or be resilient for example.   

Arriving, leaving and location

We will arrive with you at around 8am. We will need to have a short conversation with the person responsible for booking us upon or shortly after our arrival. We will need to be in the same space for the entire day and will also need to stay there after the children have left in order to finish our recording and editing. If the space is not available for us after school, we will need another space within which to finish the necessary production work. 



While our equipment doesn’t take up a huge amount of space (5m x 2m), its worth considering any disruption this may cause to your lunch service, and communicating with lunch staff on the day. Some schools have very lengthy periods during which the hall is unavailable for which can end up squeezing the length of workshops. Occasionally schools opt for packed lunches in classrooms to avoid this issue although it’s often not necessary.  


Filming Permissions

We will be creating music videos at the end of each session which your school can use in future PE sessions. Please ensure teachers are familiar with the names of any children who do not have parental consent to be filmed so that we can keep them out of the video. It's worth deciding in advance whether you'll use these videos on social media, the school website or just in school as this will have an impact on who can be in them. Some schools just use one video for promotional purposes, choosing whichever class has the most children with full permissions. We highly recommend contacting parents of children without permission, or parents who have neglected to fill in the necessary forms before the workshops take place to see whether they would like their children to have this amazing experience.  The filming is only a very small part at the end of the workshop, but its nice to have as many children involved as possible.



Local Press

We've got our very own Press Officer, Lydia here to help spread the news of this amazing and unique experience you've organised for your school. She's packed with clever ideas on how to share the news with the local press. If you want your school to stand out in the local area, send her an email at our usual address!


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if there is anything you need to communicate to us.