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Pre-visit information
Rock The Sport

Everything you need to know before our visit

Click here to download your blank timetable for the day.


Above you'll find your blank timetable for the day. Please fill this in, email it to us to be checked and provide a paper copy on the day.


Our Requirements

- A large, uncluttered space for the workshops (the same space for the duration of our visit)
- Access to a stage if you have one

- A room for us to work in during lunch break (if possible)

- All children in PE kits for the workshops

- None of the children to be wearing green as this interferes with the green screen editing process

Group sizes

For each day, you'll need to split your school into 4 groups. Single classes of around 30 are preferable, but we can work with a maximum of 2 classes at a time if needs be. The larger the group, the more complex the creation of the music video becomes. Don't squeeze too many children into the space; there must be enough room for them to stretch out and make gymnastics shapes safely.

Group sizes (for schools opting NOT music videos)

If you've chosen not to make music videos in favour of including more children, you'll need to split your school into 4 groups. We can work with as many children as you can safely fit into your school hall. Please bear in mind that the children will be very active and so need plenty of room to move around.

Workshop duration

In one day, we can run a maximum of 4 workshops. These each need to be an hour long (see timetable above)

Arriving, leaving and location

We will arrive with you at around 8am. We will need to have a short conversation with the person responsible for booking us upon or shortly after our arrival. We will stay on site until we've finished editing the videos. We aim to leave before 5:30pm.



Our equipment can't be moved at lunchtime although only takes up a 5m x 2m space in the hall. Schools which have very lengthy lunchtime periods occasionally schools opt for packed lunches in classrooms to avoid eating in to workshop time.  


Music videos


We will be creating music videos at the end of each session. These videos will be private, unlisted and unavailable to the public. They are hosted by Vimeo and can only be accessed via our website on a password protected page. This allows children to share their experience and creativity with their parents at home and makes it easy for teachers to use the videos in class.

Filming Permissions

Please ensure that all teachers are familiar with the children in their class who can't be filmed and we will ensure they are not in the final video. These children can still access 95% of the workshop content. Some schools give parents the opportunity to make an exception to their stance on filming children for this exciting, confidence building opportunity.


Teacher Involvement

Our workshops are an excellent opportunity to deepen the bond between teachers and children. We aim to get everyone involved in the process and find that having teachers and TAs present enhances the experience for the children.

Local Press

We've got our very own Press Officer, Lydia here to help spread the news of this amazing and unique experience you've organised for your school. She's packed with clever ideas on how to share the news with the local press. If you want your school to stand out in the local area, send her an email at our usual address!


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if there is anything you need to communicate to us.

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