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Rocktopus video examples

This song was written with Frome families at a workshop funded by the Frome Town Council. The music video was created at a free music event also funded by FTC, which united children and families from 8+ schools in the area.

This video shows how we work with children to create and record original music. Whilst the above focuses on our sport and fitness work, we write songs on a wide range of subjects.

During lockdown we wanted to continue inspiring children to enjoy music and express themselves through singing and dancing. All of the footage in this music video was sent to us by fans from around the world who were listenng and dancing to our song during lockdown.

Rock The Party was very much how our journey began. We were amazed at the enthusiastic reaction to what we had to offer, and excited to see children and families from all backgrounds coming together to rock out! In the build up to each of these events, we visited 8 local primary schools, writing and recording a song with each, which we then played at the gig, giving every child the chance to be a star, sing to the crowd and appreciate and acknowledge each other.

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