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A Theatrical Musical Adventure!   

The Big Gig combines Rocktopus' catchy rock songs, audience participation, and an exciting storyline where the audience have to save the day! Featuring Simon Blakeman as Lord Neptune, it's a show not to be missed!

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Rocktopus The Big Gig
Rocktopus The Big Gig
Rocktopus Tom and Andy

Rocktopus, the world’s only underwater rock band for kids, adults and sea creatures, have finally left the ocean to come and play for you!


Somehow, during their deep-sea adventures, they lost the most important song in the show – the powerful, exciting and super catchy final song!


Come along to watch their amazing interactive performance where you can sing, dance, play rhythms and help them create the NEW show-stopping final song of the Big Gig.


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