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welcome to the Rocktopus Active Song page. Here you can find a treasure chest of songs to use in PE lessons, as brain breaks in class, or even as wet play activities to help burn off some energy. 

All of the songs were written by children during our 'Rock The Sport' workshop days. To find out more or book your own workshop day click here. Get in quick as now that the word is out, dates are booking up fast!

The unique, cross-curricular, whole-school enrichment experience that everyone’s talking about!  
- Engage, include and inspire all learners
- Transform your school culture
- Create your own interactive PE album
- Bring music, literacy and creativity into PE


Heart is Bumpy Feeling Jumpy

Burn off some energy and be ready for PE with this action song written by the children of Twerton Infants.

Heart is Bumpy Feeling Jumpy - Twerton Infants

Welcome To The Rainforest

Move around like different animals in this upbeat dance song written by the children at The Mendip School.

Welcome To The Rainforest - The Mendip School

Come And Have A Stretch

A great song to get muscles stretched before PE, or if children have been sitting for a long time. The children of Chewton Mendip Primary loved coming up with this one!

Come And Have a Stretch - Chewton Mendip

The Boogie Balance

A balancing game song. Be ready to shout out the number of points which needs to be touching the floor as the children balance. The children of Oake, Bradford and Nynehead couldn't get enough of this one!

The Boogie Balance - Oake, Bradford and Nynehead

Super Actions

Get ready to do the spotty dog, jump with your rock hands in the air, star jump to the stars and much more in this heart pumping action song. Children at St Mary's School added some other interesting moves into this one. See if you can work out what actions to do.

Super Actions - St Marys, Swindon

How I Get To School

A perfect song to start the school day. The Mendip school won't be able to show you their actions, but see if you can come up with your own!

How I Get To School - The Mendip School

Balance Like a Rocktopus Hero

Another balancing game with a super charged dance section. The Children at St Mary's got very good at balancing after a few goes with their song.

Balance Like A Rocktopus Hero - St Mary's, Swindon

We Are Ready For School

Finally, a song written by the teachers! The PE teachers at SASP PE conference helped us write this one. A great one to get children active and ready for the day.

We Are Ready For School - SASP


Using all of our experience as primary teachers and professional musicians, we've worked hard to ensure that a Rock The Sport day is the most exciting and inspiring experience possible for the children. Here's what some of the schools have been saying:

George Samois - Head Teacher, Twerton infants, Bath
“It’s an absolute no-brainer! It’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s all the things that are great about education rolled in to one. We’ve had them in twice now, and have booked them to come again!”

Rupert Kaye - Head Teacher, Christchurch Primary, Frome   
“These guys are doing something totally unique and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re set to be the next big thing. Get them in while you still can! I can honestly say they’ve inspired every child in my school.”

Nicky McCormack - Deputy Head, Hayesdown Primary, Frome
“Their rocking assembly captivated the whole school and Rocktopus filled each child with renewed energy and enthusiasm for music and songwriting. If you get the chance to have them in your school I would strongly recommend going for it!

Matt Stone - Head Teacher, St Martns Garden Primary, Bath
“As a school we’re really into our music, and for the kids to see a live band playing a song which they’ve helped create is an experience they’ll never forget. Do it! Get them in!  it’s a big thumbs up from me!”

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