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Watch the Vid to find out more!

Can I use my Sports Premium Money to book a Rock The Sport Day?

Yes you can! Our workshops tick all the right boxes meaning that you can use your funding money.

How much does it cost?

A Rock The Sport day costs £800. If you are more than an hours drive away there will be an extra charge for transport as detailed below.

What adaptations have you made since Covid?

Click here to see how we have adapted our workshops to make them Covid safe. 

What part of the country will you travel to?

We are based in Frome, Somerset but are happy to travel. Here are our travel costs:

- Up to 1 hour away: No extra charge

- Up to 2 hours away: £50 (transport)

- More than 2 hours away: £100 (transport and accomodation)

- More than 3 hours away: £150 (transport and accomodation)


If your school is more than 4 hours away, get in touch to find out how we can come to your school.

How many classes can you work with in a day?

In a day we write 4 songs with your school. We can also work with 2  or more classes at a time. Some schools are booking 2 consecutive days, giving every child the opportunity to be a part of the songwriting process.

What happens with the music videos?

After we finish our day with you we will send you your completed music videos through WeTransfer. You will then be able to download them and put them onto your school network.

Do we get a CD of the songs?
We no longer produce a CD of the songs created, instead using the time to film and edit music videos. These are preferred by schools as they allow children to see the moves and join in easily by copying.

What areas of the curriculum do you cover?
We've used our experience as primary teachers to ensure that we pack in as many PE, literacy and music curriculum skills as possible. Click here to see the full list.

Do our songs have to be about sport?

We can use the same model as 'Rock The Sport', to help your chidren to write songs abut absolutely ANYTHING! From bullying to friendship, history to science - the sky is the limit.

How do I book?

- Send us an email at: telling us what date you'd like to book your session.

- We will send you a booking confirmation form and a blank timetable proforma to complete with times and session titles for the day.

- That's it! We take care of everything else.

Have a listen to some of the songs written in schools

links and

Field Court C of E Primary

Trinity First School

Staverton Primary

St Martin's Garden Primary

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