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Use your school's Sport premium money to book our cross curricular PE, music and literacy experience which your children will remember forever. 

2 whole school 'active-rock' assemblies and 6 workshops throughout the day

Children write and record 6 interactive PE songs which cover the entire PE curriculum

The school receives their own CD of the songs to use in PE lessons as warm ups, cool downs, cardio, dance and more

Children learn the links between music, literacy and fitness whilst deepening their understanding of the PE curriculum

Children can access the songs at home to share with friends and family

From the rocking intro assembly, which captivated the whole school, through to the individual class sessions, Rocktopus filled each child with energy and enthusiasm for our chosen theme of PE and exercise. 


The songs created by each class will be apart of our school forever and will not only help the children warm up for PE but also fill our classrooms with song.


Thank you Rocktopus!


Nicki McCormack - Deputy Head Teacher, Hayesdown First school

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