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Rocktopus Rock the party everyone
A risk free hassle free fundraising event for your school. Book Now!
Rock The School

A quality show which the

parents and children will love

Merchandise, album signing

and photo opportunities

Fun collaborative craft activities

Everyone Joins The Band!!


How to set up a Rock The School event:

1. Contact us and arrange a date (Click Here)

2. Print the professional posters and flyers which we send you

3. Tell the school the good news and watch the excitement grow

4. Decide what you're going to sell at the event

5. On the night, provide a ticket collector to take door payments and check tickets

6. Raise funds for the school while enjoying the show!

- Rocktopus will arrive at 2:00pm on the agreed Friday and begin arranging the hall for the show 

- Rocktopus will provide all audio equipment and additional activities for the night

- Rocktopus keep all money from ticket sales and door sales on the day

- The school keep all profits from refreshments and food sales

- Ticket prices will be around £5 each for adults or children. (This price can vary depending on the size of the school) 

- Online sales are taken care of by Rocktopus

- Tickets bought on the door are managed by the school  - (all money going to Rocktopus)

- Flyers and posters are designed by Rocktopus, and printed and distributed by the school

What is Rock The School?

Rock The School is a 2 hour interactive

rock show for the whole family which takes

place in your school hall. There is no charge

to the school and tickets are sold online by us. 

How Does The School Make Money?
The school fundraises at the event selling drinks, cakes, snacks, or even an evening meal for the children.

"Watch your school community go wild with excitement as the children and adults join in with the dance moves, sing the songs, play whole school party games and even help create a new song!" 

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